KINDNESS Awareness Week
Feb. 11-17, 2018

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Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty.
                                                         — Sylvama Rossetti

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass,
it's about learning to dance in the rain.
                                                          — Vivian Greene



This chapter is a fun place to share known and unknown authors who have made KINDNESS a theme in their poems and songs. As you find new ones, please e-mail them to us so we may add them to our list. Some are too long to include; in those cases, we will at least reference them for the benefit of those interested in finding the original documents. This chapter will continue to grow as more and more people recognize that KINDNESS is all around us if we just take the time to look and appreciate.




To all those that I meet
With Kindness I will greet
With a smiling face
and a friendly trace,
I will teach them to be kind
In Soul, in Heart, and Mind.

Jessica M. Faasavalu
6th Grade



by Hank Vandruten

There is a week we all may remember,
(It really should not be a week,
But from January to December),
When we celebrate random acts of kindness
It should be a natural thing in our life, I guess.
To be kind to others, the weak and the strong,
And by being good to others, one is never wrong.
To understand that kindness is an every day thing,
And not to see it is as only a once-a-week fling.
There is nothing wrong with hugging your brother;
When you come home from school,
bring a kiss to your mother.
It feels good to help an older person across the street,
And at the same time say hi to the cop on the beat.
To be kind to animals is also a must
Because the Lord gave these creatures to us in trust.
Bring home more than once a bouquet of flowers;
They are as welcome as hot summer's showers.
When we get a snow dump city wide
Give someone who has to walk a ride.
Wave to school-going children in the bus;
One of them you wave to, maybe is one of us.
Think about the birds you want to feed,
That their feeding station is never without seed.
Always open doors to let someone through,
And say thank you when it is done for you.
They should be recognized, these friendly acts
Kindness is one of life's great facts.
Whether it is cleaning the sidewalk for your neighbor
Who cannot do any more heavy labor,
Or by talking to someone who is online,
It may be a friend, and you ask if all is fine.
Greet the posty who delivers your mail,
The paper bringers who without fail
Bring you the news with what goes on.
And see the smiles on their faces, friendship is won.
This poem can go on and on without and ending
Because there will be always someone
Who can use the hand we are lending.
Let's all commit random acts of kindness
We don't lose anything and won't feel any less,
And maybe in the future some one gives back a hand
Which you in an act of kindness to somebody lend.


Love and kindness overcomes all evil.

A kind word is like honey to the bones.

To receive instruction is better than silver.

And knowledge is better than gold.


                           Submitted March, 1998



My name is Mark Rickerby. I’m a writer in Los Angeles, California.

I wrote a poem recently that readers are telling me makes them want to be kinder to people, so I thought I would send it along to you in case you can use it on your site to further your important work. Please feel free to use it in any way you wish, or just accept it as a gift.


The poem is below. You can also view it with reader’s comments at


Warmest regards,


Mark Rickerby



The Memory That We Were Kind


Does anyone know where the little boy went?

The little boy who used to be me?

He’s still alive somewhere inside this shell

Though the shell is all you can see.

Can you still see him reaching out for love

From behind these time-worn eyes?

The child with a heart as bright as the stars

Hiding beneath this thin disguise?


What a cruel trickster Father Time can be

Changing our costumes as we age.

From infant to child, and from young to old,

A new character with every stage.

We might as well be four different people.

The adult barely resembles the child.

The external transformation is so complete,

Young and old are rarely reconciled.

But there are some whose eyes still twinkle,

For whom the child within never dies.

The outside world can see only the surface

But they know how the surface lies.


What can we learn from all this changing?

From the fact that nothing is real?

How can we judge by a deceptive façade

That hides the way we truly feel?

The only path to true knowledge, it seems,
Is to think of everyone that we see
As the child they were, who they are today,
And the old person they soon will be.

We should also see them as dead and gone,
Their short life on earth finally done,
With all their trials rendered null and void,
All their battles either lost or won.

Whitman wrote, "The powerful play goes on
And you may contribute a verse."
The same is true for every person we meet.
We make their lives better or worse.

Thus, we should measure disheartening words
And make sure they need to be spoken
So we won't be among those who caused pain
If they reach the end of life heartbroken. 

And when those we've known are old and gray,
Remembering years they left behind, 
Comforting words we said might return again
With the memory that we were kind.


"Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life.”


Dustin Hosterler

Fish N Kids Foundation

Tehachapi, CA


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