KINDNESS Awareness Week
Feb. 10-16, 2021


Kindness Awareness Week

Kindness Awareness Week


Kindness Awareness Week for 2021 will be 

February 10-16. 


Kindness Awareness for the United States came about in 1993 when then-Congressman Walter Tucker of Compton, California and Dr. Chuck Wall negotiated an appropriate date.  Congressman Tucker became involved when he, along with many other Americans, watched the  television show "The Crusaders."  On this show, an appeal was made by the senior reporter Mark Hyman:  Contact your legislator to encourage him or her to help create a national day of kindness recognition.  Congressman Tucker contacted  Dr. Wall through the Bakersfield College Public Affairs Office to find out how we might collaborate on a Kindness Awareness Day for the United States.  Eventually, the week of February 12th was determined to be the best week of the year with the least number of conflicting events.  Since that time, we have tried to stay close to the original week selected.  We then read in the news that Canada had decided to use the same week to celebrate Kindness.  It was our unilateral decision to include Mexico in the selected week, thereby declaring all of North America as part of the celebration. 

Of course, any day or any week you choose to celebrate Kindness is just fine.  Any day, week or month is a good time to remind all of us of the need to remember that Respect, Dignity, Compassion and Humility are four essential ingredients in the creation and maintenance of a civilized society.  Let us know how you plan to celebrate kindness so we can share it with everyone else. 


Contact Kindness Inc. and Kindness USA.


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