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Kindness in the News!

Kindness in the News

This page traces the history of the KINDNESS movement as it directly involved Dr. Wall and his classes. It is by no means intended as a thorough history of KINDNESS as experienced by others at other times and places. It does show the power of the media to share good news and how it seems to develop a life of its own as stories spread around the world. We intend to continue seeking new items to include in this section. We have had several graduate students contact us looking for news stories describing Dr. Wall's original classroom assignment; this chapter provides a resource for those students, or anyone researching news coverage of our KINDNESS program. Once we find links to other historical sites with news items about KINDNESS, we will include them.  If you know of any sites we have missed, please let us know, and an effort will be made to research them and add them to our links.




  • CNN took the idea worldwide.
  • People Magazine highlighted the concept in a two-page article.
  • The syndicated T.V. show, The Crusaders, made it the subject of several segments of their program.
  • Oprah Winfrey dedicated a one-hour show to promoting "Acts of Kindness," with Chuck as her guest.
  • Congress has created a "Random Act of Kindness Awareness Week" for the United States.
  • Chuck was a featured guest on "The Hour of Power" with Dr. Robert Schuller, televised from the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles in October, 1994, where he spoke about "Kindness" and how this program was developed.

If you've seen Kindness in the news in your area, tell us about it! We'd love to add your story to the KINDNESS Collection.




Source of Inspiration 
Bakersfield Californian
Letter to the Editor  

Bakersfield Professor Promotes Kindness  

East Grand Rapids High School Newspaper Article
Office Environments
  Bakersfield Business News

Bakersfield Professor Promotes Kindness
KGET Website

Not-so-random acts of kindness
This Week - Canada East

A Blind Man with Vision
Bakersfield Magazine

Spreading good cybercheer
Yahoo! Internet Life

Singapore Newsletter

Are Good Deeds Dead?
The Chicago Tribune

Kindness Guru Wall Writes New Book
The Renegade Rip - 10/6/00

Wall's Latest Random Act a Collection of More Heartwarming Tales
The Bakersfield Californian - 8/29/00

Interview with BBC London on Singapore Mission
BBC - 11/1/99

Interview with The Straight Times Newspaper in Singapore 
KSEE 24 Kindness Week

KSEE 24 Fresno-Visalia - 2/1/98 
Mild Kingdom: Our Kind Animal Pals

The Bakersfield Californian - 9/22/97

Acts of Kindness
California Nevada News - 8/8/97

'Senseless Kindness' Habit Catches On in Bakersfield
The Bakersfield Californian - 10/9/93
Random Kindness Captures Public's Imagination
The Bakersfield Californian - 11/3/93

Bill Would Spread Message of Kindness by BC Teacher
by Dina Elboghdady - 2/10/94

Professor Honored for 'Kindness' Campaign

Kindness Backer on 'Hour of Power'
by Rochelle Wilkerson - 10/15/94

Kindness Craze
by Elizabeth Barker - 2/17/95

Kindness Campaigner Reaps More Honors
by Elizabeth Barker - 2/18/95

'Kindness' Creator Wins Peace Award
by Tom Maurer - 3/28/95

Now, at Least, L.A. is the Epicenter of Good Deeds
by Paul Dean - 1994

Random Acts of Kindness are Public Property
by Jack Smith - 4/25/94

The Kindness Movement
by Leslie Barker - 7/11/94

Students at MB's Pennekamp Elementary Perform Random Good Deeds in Hopes of Kindling Kindness
by Marie Montgomery - 2/17/95

America the Tender
by David O'Reilly - 4/3/94

"Good Will Ambassador" Professor Kindly Taking Fame in Stride
by Elizabeth Barker - 2/15/94

Fed Up With Violence, Chuck Wall Calls For an Outbreak of Random Kindness
by Susan Reed and Doris Bacon - 12/13/93


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Chuck Encourages East High Studen

Book Signing at Russo's

Here's a news clip from our book signing for Kindness: Changing Our World. It was a GREAT success! Thanks to Mike Russo, who always did so much for local authors.




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