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Feb. 10-16, 2021


Meet the Staff

Meet the Kindness Staff

This chapter is devoted to our fantastic KINDNESS officers, office staff and KINDNESS Ambassadors.  The success of any organization is directly related to the quality and dedication of those who work within the organizational structure.  We are fortunate to have people who not only want to display their creative talent but truly believe that our work with improving the quality of all our lives through acts of KINDNESS is an essential part of their own personality.  Below is a list of those involved with keeping our work moving forward. 


Chuck Wall, Ph.D., President
Di Wall, Member, Board of Directors and Kindness Inc. Office Manager
Teresa Leach, Vice President and Director of Kindness Ambassador Program

Delia Latham, Webmistress  

Dr. Chuck Wall

Biographical Sketch

Chuck Wall overcame blindness to earn a Ph.D. from UCLA in the combined fields of Manaement and Educational Administration.  In addition, he holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. from San Francisco State University in the areas of management, marketing and group dynamics.

Dr. Wall has been Professor of the Year for the State of California Community College system where he taught at Bakersfield College until his retirement in 2006. He has received international acclaim for his creation of the ?random act of kindness? movement which has resulted in some 350 television and radio appearances including the Oprah Show, CNN, The Hour of Power, and he has been honored by the U.S. House of Representatives for his humanitarian work.  He has worked for the President of the United States developing a stage production about the future of America and designed a desegregation program for the nation's schools.

In the Spring of 2010 he completed work producing a high school stage play called The Visitors which describes his concept of kindness. He has authored or co-authored six books and numerous articles. In 2012 he was once again named one of the 50 most influential people to live in  Kern County, California since its creation in 1894. In 2013 he was named one of the ?Stars? responsible for the 100 year history of Bakersfield College and in 2014 he was inducted into the East Bakersfield High School Hall of Fame.

Dr. Wall now lectures on the topics of "Kindness as a Way of Life," "Motivation and Morale," and  "Stress and Burnout in the Professions," and is a sought-after motivational speaker. He has also won several blue ribbons for his wood-working and ceramic creations. While blindness is a reality, he does not consider himself disabled but must spend extra time dealing with one of life's little nuisances.

More information about Chuck can be found at:



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Di Wall

Di has been married to Dr. Chuck Wall for 43 years. She is our general office manager, bookkeeper, and all around "go to" person regarding all aspects of Kindness, Inc. Prior to her 13 years with Kindness, Inc., she had a long and distinguished career in the insurance industry in both management and claims processing, first with Metropolitan Life Insurance in San Francisco, then Connecticut General Life Insurance in Santa Monica. In addition, she was co-owner and bookkeeper for Sugarloaf Wood Works, a furniture manufacturing plant in Bakersfield, Ca. which she owned with her husband.

Throughout her career, Di has been a community volunteer for several organizations, including but not limited to: Kern County Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Bakersfield Mayor's Committee to Employ People with Disabilities; Lady Lions Club; Sugarloaf Property Owners Association; and of course, Kindness, Inc. Di is a graduate of Salinas High School., Salinas, California and attended San Francisco State University. She also has to her credit numerous classes and seminars in office management, claims processing and community services. It is thanks to Di's organizational skills that our Kindness office and warehouse facility are not a complete shambles.

Teresa Leach

International Protocol and Etiquette Consultant

Teresa A. Leach is a certified International Protocol and Business Etiquette Consultant with a focus on Cross-Cultural Training.  Her professional background includes eighteen years as a managing partner in an Architectural Practice.  Teresa has traveled internationally for the last twenty-five years to the Pacific Rim, Asia and Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Indonesia and Europe gaining cultural experience.

June 2005 as a member of an educational delegation from Beardsley School District and Dr. Nieto's Heritage of American, Teresa traveled to China.
  Contacts and approvals have been made with the Minister of Education of the Beijing School District and the Xian School District.  Kindness teaching materials were distributed to all schools during the delegations tour.  Dr. Chuck Wall and Teresa plan to write a series of books building bridges of Kindness to and for children in China and other countries.

In May of 2006, Teresa became a team member of HELPS (Doctors Without Borders) Organization serving in Guatemala.

The Board of Trade under the leadership of Rick Davis as Executive Director requested assistance in the area of Protocol to receive a delegation from the Autonomous Region of Guangxi, China.
  The Board of Trade now has experience in meeting the cultural demands of hosting a delegation.  Recently Mr. Davis agreed to devote a section of the Board of Trade Gift Shop to Kindness Inc. and Dr. Wall's incredible life story selling Kindness coins, key chains and books as Dr. Wall is one of the best gifts of our county.  Kern County is truly the county of Kindness.

Consulting with corporations in the area of business etiquette and writing cultural briefs for executives entering the international arena is also part of her comprehensive package.  Much of Teresa's time and expertise has been donated to serve on various non-profit advisory boards and public service.

Delia Latham

Delia Latham is a born-and-bred California gal, currently living in East Texas with her husband Johnny and a spoiled Pomeranian. She?s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend, but above all, she treass her role as a princess daughter to the King of Kings. Delia writes inspirational romance that almost always includes a touch of the divine in the form of angels or angelic activity, thus her tagline of "Heaven's touch in earthly tales."

A former newspaper Staff Writer and frequent contributor to her hometown?s regional publication, Bakersfield Magazine, Delia has also freel
anced projects to public relations firms and magazines; compiled, edited, and designed cover art for various Kindness Incorporated projects; and sold greeting card verse. Many of her short stories, articles, and devotions can be found online. When she's not writing, she designs cover art and marketing materials for other authors. Samples of her work can be seen at

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