KINDNESS Awareness Week
Feb. 10-16, 2021


Sharing Kindness Coins



Now it is your turn to share your story of Kindness with the rest of us. For some of you, our Kindness coin has become the source of some really interesting Kindness situations. We want to read about them and share them with others. So please send us your coin story or any other Kindness story you wish to share. We prefer your story be sent via e-mail.


From our KIND readers ...


I received my first "Kindness Coin" Today

My name is Renee and I work in the Discovery Building in Bakersfield. During my morning break I found myself in our coffee shop on site waiting to order my breakfast.
I noticed a gentleman sitting in a wheelchair with his head down, looking pretty down in spirit. As I waited for my turn to order, the gentleman turned and faced me. He looked like he fell and hurt his face pretty bad. At that moment the Lord spoke to me and I wanted to pray for this man.  I introduced myself and started some small talk, praying he was a believer,  He was and so was his wife who was with her husband coming or going to a doctors appointment. This gentleman had a stroke previously and was having some kind of electrical pain management. After we shared a bit, I asked if they would mind if I prayed with them. We prayed, they thanked me and handed a small coin and asked me to pass this on. I was amazed and excited that this couple that accepted my prayers handed me a special coin of Kindness.
I came back into my office sharing this experience with all of my co-workers, and excitedly waiting for who I could give the coin to pass it on...
And that wasn't even the great thing that happened. As soon as I got back to my desk, I Googled the meaning of the Kindness Coin. As I looked at how this thing started, I was amazed to find out that the gentleman I had prayed for was Dennis Mitchell, member of the Board of Directors, Executive Director of The Hope Center, Bakersfield, California, and Darlene Mitchell his wife. I praise God for his wonderful timing, we never know when or who needs to hear from our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you Jesus and Thank you Dennis and Darlene for your Gift from God today ...
Renee M. Alvarez






(As told to Chuck Wall) 

Ben Dominguez, owner of Oasis Air Conditioning Company in Bakersfield, California, recently attended a workshop I conducted for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. After my presentation, Ben purchased a packet of our Kindness coins to share with his employees. He told me the following story the very next week.


 Luis, one of Ben’s sales representatives, had an appointment with a potential customer at the customer’s place of business. When he and the customer sat down to discuss Luis’ proposal for air conditioning work, it was quite obvious that the price was more than the competitor’s quote. After some discussion, it seemed there was little hope of getting the contract, so as Luis was leaving he asked that his proposal be given another look. Oasis is a very reputable firm and while the price may be higher the quality of service could not be matched.

As he was leaving, he placed something in the customer’s hand. “Here is something for you to take a look at when you have a few minutes,” he said. The customer thanked Luis and the two parted ways.

As Luis was driving back to his office his cell phone rang. The call was from the customer he had just left. The message was, “Why don’t you come back? I think I am ready to sign a contract.”

When Luis returned, the customer was holding the KINDNESS coin Luis had given him. “Where did you get this coin?” he asked.

Luis responded, “My boss attended a workshop put on by Dr. Wall last week and he gave me this coin to share with someone I found to be a very honorable person.”

The customer responded that this coin, which emphasizes the positive in our society, was so needed that he decided Oasis was a company he wanted to do business with. He said there is so much negative and depressing information around us every day that receiving this KINDNESS coin was just what he needed to feel better about himself and our world.  

This business contract was signed because of a bit of KINDNESS. You see, kindness really does work. We are all looking for the positive in our lives and this story points out just how much we all appreciate those things that emphasize respect, dignity, compassion and humility among our fellow man.

Thanks, Ben and Luis, for your interest in making all our lives a little more enjoyable. 




Dear Dr. Wall,

Thank you for a new supply of kindness coins.  I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy having them and using them.  Often when I try to give one to someone they say, "Oh, no, I can't take any money for that.  It was nothing.  I just have to do things like that."  I explain it isn't money and tell them what it is and they are so awed and appreciative.

Just before Diana came down last time, Don and I had gone to a Sears store for him to pick up some kind of tool.  We spent a good bit of time there because he likes to look at stuff.  I think I have mentioned this before but he has something called 'cataplexy.'  That is when your muscles all go limp and you fall down.  Now, if I see it happen and can get a chair behind him,  he knows to sit down.  If I can't find a chair, I just try to hold on to him so he doesn't crash to the floor. He can hear me but he can't talk or move any muscle.  He also has narcolepsy and cataplexy is related to that.  As we approached the door to leave the Sears store, Don had an attack.  There was nothing around me.  A man and his little girl entered. I motioned to him to come to me and I explained I needed help in holding Don up.  That started a lot of attention.  Several clerks came to help, offered to call 911, or do anything else that would help.  One of the clerks ran to the nearby garden dept. and brought a chair over.  Almost as soon as he sat down, it was over.  This normally  will last less than a minute.  After he recovered and we started to leave, I offered the man a kindness coin.  He was so glad he could help but even happier that now he knew a way to recognize acts of kindness.

I am so pleased you are doing this and very glad that our daughter, Diana, knows you.

I wish you the best. 


Georgianna Kelly





I want to tell you about how I used my first "kindness currency." A couple of days ago I went to In-N-Out with my brother to get burgers. After he ordered he reached in his pocket to grab his wallet. Unfortunately he forgot it at home! (How embarrassing!)  As we pulled through to the "Pay Here" window, he had to tell the lady behind the register that he didn't have his wallet and that we would come back with our money. The lady working looked at us, smiled and said, "I trust you guys. Here is your food. Go home, eat, and come back whenever."  As we were driving home I was thinking about how it was so kind to know that some teenagers can be trusted in today's society and it really made my day. After we ate, I went in my room, grabbed that coin and Kevin's wallet, and we drove back.  After she read the coin that I handed to her, her face lit up.  I simply said, "You made our day today.  I hope that someday you will pass it on to someone who makes yours." She had the biggest smile on her face.  All she did was look up and say, "Thank you."  It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever had. I want to thank you and Dr. Wall for all of your hard work. You have inspired me and many other people.


A. Wiener


My daughter, Diana Kelly is a counselor and teacher at Bakersfield College. At a  recent event she heard you speak and also received three Kindness Currency Tokens. She requested more and brought them to me to use in a group I lead called Faith Journey, at Corona United Methodist Church. She obtained enough for me to give two to each individual. She thought you might like to know how they were used and I agree.


In some cases you need to know a bit more of the story though. One of the ladies in my group is Sandi. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and will start chemotherapy next Tuesday, April 25. Sandi has a son by a previous marriage and Howard, her husband, has a daughter by a previous marriage. Howard's daughter and husband attend Crossroads Church. Her husband’s former wife and her present husband were also there. They went to a sunrise service in the park. Sandi said she was just overcome with emotion of all the people - together - and all that she was going through and how blessed she was and she cried and cried some more. After the service, a young man about 21 came over and gave her a kiss. I think he was her husband's daughter's husband, but I'm not totally sure of that. She thought about that and realized how thoughtful he had been and how much she needed support so later when they were having brunch, she gave one of the KINDNESS tokens.


My husband had a stroke and has had trouble with his vision. Consequently he was unable to pass the driver's test in February. He does have two cars. He loves cars. He has an old Corvair that he putters with and he has a Pontiac. He seldom drives, but he moves the Pontiac around a bit. It sits on the street awhile and then in the driveway awhile. He was trying to get the battery charged Monday and Tuesday of this week. We live near the entrance to this subdivision so a lot of people saw him out there working and some of the time I was in my car trying to help him jump the battery.


Yesterday, he was working on it and I was sitting on the curb when a lady stopped and asked if we needed help. (My car was in the garage.) I told her, "No, we live across the street," and pointed to our house. She said, "Okay," and started to pull away when I motioned to her to wait a minute. I walked to the car and gave her a KINDNESS token. She was so touched, very emotional, and promised she would pass it on.


Today, April 19, 2006, my husband Don and I went to visit friends that recently moved to a retirement community in Pomona. It is a big campus with a lot of homes of various configurations on it. They gave us the grand tour and treated us to lunch. As we were going back to their home, we were walking through a circle in front of the Administration Building, when a local utility truck pulled up and asked where the Administration Building was. Ann pointed it out to the man and he said, "Okay. Someone driving a Lexus over there left their lights on. I’ll park and go in and tell them." He parked and as he started walking toward the building, I called to him. I gave him a KINDNESS Token. He was very touched and very pleased and promised me he would give it away before the end of the day. I also gave two to my friend, Annabel, before we left.


I have always noticed people’s behaviors and interaction with others but now I am even more aware of it. Thank you for all you have done to make the world a better place. I will continue this.

Georgianna Kelly



Dear Dr. Wall,



Thank you for your kind words about our daughter, Diana. We think she is very special, too.


You are welcome to use these stories on your web site. You may use my name. I expect to have more stories to share and I will try to send them along, too. One of the things that I am so aware of is how I am looking for people to be kind. I am more aware of the acts of KINDNESS when I have the opportunity to pass along a KINDNESS coin.


I sent two of these coins with a lady going to Florida and two with a lady going to England, so it is spreading. This morning I gave two to a young high school student. He is in a jazz band and just returned from a trip to Hawaii where they played at the Pearl Harbor Memorial.


Thanks also for sending my order. You have made a difference! Thank you.


Georgianna Kelly



1. Diana and Mary came down to spend the 4th of July with us. We went to the fireworks display at Corona High School. Don and Diana wanted to see the fireworks. I explained that parking was limited and we might have to walk a long distance. I pulled in the parking lot – mostly just so I could say I tried. The attendants smiled and shook their heads. Diana kinda shrugged and smiled and one of them motioned us to follow him. He said, "I think maybe I know where a spot is for you." They had about six places blocked off and raised the rope so we could pull in. I know I’m getting older, but I don’t think I look that old. Anyway, we were grateful and as we left the car Diana gave him a kindness token and told him how much we appreciated it.


2. Don has a keyboard and a foot pedal that can be used in conjunction with it.  He lost most of his music ability with the stroke in 1993. However, he got these instruments out to play with. We could not make them work together. We took them to a music store nearby and the clerk explained they didn’t do any kind of repairs; we should probably take it to a neighboring town. Don kept explaining to them. The clerk made a phone cell and a gentleman from the back came out and asked what the problem was. Don explained to him and he said, "Well, let me see if I can help. Come on back." We followed him back to a small studio where he gives lessons. There was a keyboard and he fiddled with it quite awhile and finally got it to work. At almost that exact moment his student walked in. Don thanked him and then I gave him a KINDNESS COIN. He was so pleased and assured us he would pass it on very soon.


3. I Ieft to go to the Faith Journey Group on Tuesday (July 11) but I was unable to make the garage door go down. I told Don it was up. When I came home the neighbor across the street was here repairing our garage door. He owns his own business and had just happened to come home to tell his youngest son good-bye. He was heading off to camp for children with diabetes. Rich disassembled the door and must have spent several hours on it. I fixed ice water for the guys. When they were through, we sat in the garage and visited. I told Rich how much we appreciated his help and gave him a KINDNESS coin. That led to led to him telling us about his parents and his children. He has tried to impart the willingness to help others to his three sons because that was something his father encouraged him to do. He was very touched with the KINDNESS COINS and once again said he would pass it on soon. I gave him two because of something he said - I felt like he would put it to good use.


I have also shared the coins with some other people for them to use. I sent two to my cousin in Tulsa, OK.



Georgianna Kelly



We are looking forward to getting these into place. We have an employee survey  we conduct once every year. We are the accounting office for Owens-Corning (building materials, insulation, windows, etc.). One of the questions is someone recognizes me and in order to make them aware of recognition we are going to give our "engagement committee" two coins apiece. It is then their responsibility to recognize someone in the office for doing something kind or nice by passing on the coin. This will make them aware of the little things and not let "thank yous" go unnoticed. I’ll let you know how it's received.



C. Brock



I am a counselor at Spokane Mental Health and work with people who have personality disorders. In our program I have a Spirituality Group where we discuss spiritual practices that would fit in any religion or belief. When I found your site, I decided to have a session on kindness, use a kindness meditation and other material on the subject and end the session by giving each participant a coin with the instructions on how to use them. I hope to see a benefit for the participants and the community as they notice acts of kindness and give kindness to others. Thank you for being there! I really was thrilled to find you and will look forward to checking in once in awhile.


C. Dean




I received my KINDNESS coins — thank you very much.


I wanted to drop a note to you to let you know how I used the coins.


Last winter, I put out a call to my "artistic" friends to please supply me

with an image to be reproduced. From these images, I created a calendar and

each of the 12 submitters would receive one.


On the calendar I included "non-traditional" holidays, Random Acts of

Kindness day being one of them. I sent a coin to each of the 12 calendar

submitters with a note explaining how to use the coin. I also requested to

know how they would use the coin.


Thank you for promoting KINDNESS!


Have a lovely day,


L. Companeschi



I am planning to send these (KINDNESS coins) to the people who participated in our customer survey. I wrote on the inside of the card and rubber cemented the coin in place:


It was kind of you to take the time to participate in our Customer Survey. I truly appreciated your comments and suggestions. If there is ever a chance to reciprocate the favor, please don't hesitate to call.


PS: Enclosed is a token of my gratitude …


B. Johnson




I live in a small town and many times someone will go out of their way to help someone. I gave the last ones I had to my banker friend that mowed my office yard just because … I have left them with our tips at restaurants and to a neighbor that has watched our home when we were away. 



Thanks for asking,

K. Petty




This morning, I was in a rush to get to work. As I opened the garage door, I was reminded that the empty garbage cans and recycle can were down at the end of our driveway. It was raining, but not too hard to quickly retrieve them.



I had my purse over my shoulder as I went down to get the cans. I also noticed the newspaper in the driveway. So I carried the paper and one can back up to the house.   In the meantime, it started raining very heavily. I left my purse on the bumper of my car so that it wouldn’t get soaked while I ran down to the other cans.


When I came back up to the house, I remembered that I had forgotten an item I wanted to return after work so I went into the house again to get the item and receipt. I came back out, got into the car and went off to work.


As I packed at work, I reached into the back seat, the usual place where I keep my purse, only to realize that I had driven away from home with my purse on the bumper. My purse contained everything, including my passport.


I have to take two interstate highways to get to work, about 20 minutes away. I quickly finished a necessary project in about 30 minutes, then went back home, trying to look the whole while in the opposite lanes for a sign of my purse. I became very calm while driving home. I became very calm while driving home. I suspected that was a good sign.


I expected to see my purse in my driveway or on the garage floor but it was nowhere to be found.


I went into the house to check for messages, hoping the police called to tell me they had it. Instead, there was a message from "Debbie" saying she was from out of town and had stopped on a side street (my street) to check her map when she found my purse in the middle of the road. She used my cell phone to call my home. Since she didn’t know where the police station was, she hid my purse in the bushes behind the local fire station.


I raced up to the fire station, about a mile away and began searching. It took me about 10 minutes to find it. I was just about to call the number she left, or the police, when I looked one last time.


There was my sodden purse with all money, credit cards, bank cards, wallet, passport, keys to my various work places, pictures of kids, and even candy bars still in it.


I immediately called Debbie and asked for her name and address so that I might send her a reward but she refused. She told me to have a really great day and maybe I should slow down a little.


Debbie had no way of knowing I have three part-time jobs (paying off two college tuitions for my children) and was trying to paint my kitchen quickly while my husband was out of town to surprise him. He was going to help the weekend before but was too tired and was feeling guilty. In fact, I had stayed up quite late the night before because things were just not going well with the painting. He words really hit home.


I e-mailed my husband about what happened and he reminded me that he really didn’t care what the house looked like, home was home. He told me to relax and take care of only the “important” things.


I said several prayers for Debbie, my husband, and all my other angels, then took the dog for an hour-long walk. I canceled all unnecessary activities and have spent the day being kind to myself.


Debbie gave me back more than my purse. She gave me back my focus.


Thanks, Debbie. I can only hope someone is there for you when you need them.


W. Mier


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