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Source of Inspiration

Source of Inspiration

The Bakersfield Californian 
Letters to the Editor -  5/18/2009

National desperation? Look to local inspiration.

Recently, I spent some time in the company of one our city's great natural resources. No, not the Kern River. I was actually enjoying a speech by retired college professor and international "kindness guru" Chuck Wall. I was a vendor at a Community Action Partnership event where Wall was one of the speakers.

I, like many residents, first met Wall when I was a student at Bakersfield College. Wall has traveled the world with his "random act of kindness" campaign, which has put him in newspapers, radio shows and TV. The message is to encourage everyone to commit one random act of kindness each day.

In a time when people are losing their retirement, homes, jobs, health care and more, Wall's message was more relevant than ever. It also explains why his enthusiasm and passion seemed to be at an all-time high. Being kind is contagious, he said. Wall brought a positive energy that's been long overdue.

During these tough times it is easy to look at what we no longer have, but knowing what we do have in local resident Chuck Wall is truly encouraging. To stop dwelling on the national problems, turn inward and control the only thing we can, ourselves, is the best way we can ignite change.

If you have the opportunity to hear Wall present his positive message, I think you too will count him as one of our great local natural resources.



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